Wireless Router Setup In Your Home Or Office is known as one of the Internet Protocol addresses that are considered private and special, ranging in addresses from to In addition, is a special Internet Protocol address, as it can be used by different computer networks and different people during the same period. The disadvantage of using this address, however, is that users must have access to the network address translation before they can use the Internet.

IP addresses are four-part numbers, such as If you see a template with the first two sections identical, you can block all IP addresses of that type by simply listing them as 192.168. *. * As you see above. This deletes all these IP numbers. Blocked IP addresses get a 403 error page. Personalize your data so that your data is listed if you see a legitimate user. Do not use your regular e-mail. A spammer can also reap that for a whole new set of problems. Instead, encode your email so that it can not be read automatically.

If you use this special IP address, you do not necessarily have to install separate DHCP servers. This would greatly simplify things without any problem since you will not need additional switches if you use this specific IP address. Because your router is able to perform almost any task.

To better explain what is, you need to understand what an IP address is. An IP address is essentially a sequence of numbers that form an identifier that belongs to a network. It’s like a home address, where information can be sent from anywhere, because the address is identifiable. IP is actually a private IP address that can be used on any network but can not be identified outside the network. In other words, if you use the IP address for your computer at home and at work, there is no problem. However, having two network devices on the same network can cause a collision problem. Therefore, you should always use only a LAN device with this IP address.

SSID and ME – Then check your wireless network settings for the following: If you entered the correct SSID, did your encryption key enter correctly, do your wireless router and wireless adapter have the same security settings? ?

Install a Repeater If all you are looking for is an increase in performance, install a repeater. This will receive the signal and increase the range of your network.

Look for a page called “Wireless Security” (or similar) that lets you specify your SSID. Enter the name of your network in this field.

Wireless computers use network discovery software to automatically search for nearby SSIDs. Some of the more advanced software will query the SSIDs of neighboring networks and even show their names. Therefore, changing the network name only partially helps to secure your network. To prevent detection of your network name, you must disable SSID transmission.

One last thing is to change the default password to the web interface. To do this, expand Account – My Account – Change Password and enter your new password. Do not forget that !!